Roadtrip 2017 Fall: Vancouver - Seaside - Bandon - Calistoga - Sedona - Sacramento - Seaside - Vancouver

Day 6 - Bandon - Devil's Kitchen

The new kid on the block. So new, they don't even have their own brews up yet. I can see their tanks, but I can't have their beer. OTOH, this here is 7-Devils Session. I will survive on this.

Ahhh yes, , the closer to the Cali border, the more likely to spot them on their annual migrations.

Basking. And waiting for Wendy to return from looting the bakery.

There is a whole beach to sniff, and she's doing this.

At some point on every trip , there's a beach that tosses up some incredible sand artifacts. Today is that day. These ones were likely left by the ancient Egyptians.

The Bandon Annual Recreation of the Last Scene From The Planet of the Apes. The guy in the middle is Charleton. He is about to damn you all to hell. When he reaches the Statue of Liberty, stage left.

Emma thinks it's a little too windy for Annual Recreations.

The seldom seen school of sand fishes.

Topographies form around sea rejected objects.

The extremely rare sandsnakes make an appearance.

Today's Beach Oddity: this is the tip of a buried, 460 meter high triangular pyramid left by ancient extraterrestrials. Yes, it is. And Emma found it.

It's the newest architectural trend on the coast - tiny houses with integrated solid rock construction.

sand measels







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