Roadtrip 2017 Fall: Vancouver - Seaside - Bandon - Calistoga - Sedona - Sacramento - Seaside - Vancouver

Day 15 - Yucca Valley - Sky Village - Andy's Gamma Gulch Parcel

That is our patio for the week. Yes, it has an edge right on a cliff. We have no idea how it passed any inspection. But, this is Yucca Valley.


Once the entrance for the Skyline Theatre - today it's the most immense flea market and artist catch all.

You really can find just about everything here - no warranties implied!

Friendly sales staff.

Just for Diane.

The Grand Headquarters of the High Desert Test Sites group. They are actually artists, not nuke engineers. We are going to visit many of the test sites.

The World-Famous Crystal Cave. It's not clear exactly what is World-Famous.

There are strange spatial interruptions all over the Yucca Valley.

Surprisingly - Joshua Trees really thrive even outside the National Park boundar, and protect little trailers named Merv.

On our way out, we realize what we've just stumbled into.

Yes, it is art.

Encounter with Cylons.

Once again, a favourite optical illusion.

One of the coolest places to play around with abstract shapes.

You can just sit, play or contemplate in here - a great interactive piece.

Wendy navigates Halsey Rodman's awesome installation in the middle of nowhere. It is named "Gradually / We became aware / of a hum in the room".

What happened to the moon?

Not to be outdone, the sun kicks it up a notch.

Too much fun.

We punch in the launch codes for the gate to our house over there.





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