Roadtrip 2017 Fall: Vancouver - Seaside - Bandon - Calistoga - Sedona - Sacramento - Seaside - Vancouver

Day 29 - Fay Canyon

We steam off into the wilds of Fay Canyon.

There are many local species of grasses - we've named these ones the Seuss grasses.

Shapes and textures abound in the canyon garden.

The canyon is narrow and deep. Very little direct light hits the bottom. It is almost cold down here.

Just try to get through this tangle.

The walls loom high. The black helicopters have a hard time tracking us in here.

I dangle my tassles - and dare you to pass on my path.

This monument blocks the end of the canyon. I call it Nessie.

The world famous alligator tree. At night, it transforms into an alligator and swims the local creeks looking for zombie-like pod automatons. It is attracted to the electronic signature of iPhones.

Dusk falls over our drive-out. We avoid the zombies.






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