Roadtrip 2017 Fall: Vancouver - Seaside - Bandon - Calistoga - Sedona - Sacramento - Seaside - Vancouver

Day 36 - Cottonwood

This year's Dream Home and Car. Comes with an outdoor wardrobe.

Chawls in trouble again.

Can someone rescue me? His photo need is insatiable.

The faint, faint sound of banjos duelling.

I noticed.

Yet another door unopened - this one not since 1966.

Carl has been on my mind lately - I just saw an old tape of the last press conference for the Voyager missions, where Carl coined the phrase "pale blue dot" in response to the last non-science image from Voyager at Saturn, where Earth is in the frame, accidentally, incidentally caught in a lens flare, visible as , well, a pale blue dot. Or pixel. But nobody knew that word then. Carl fought to get that picture made - he wanted a family photograph of the inner planets. The mission directors didn't want to do it because there was no science in it. It doesn't have to be about science all the time.

I note they don't worry so much about the Second Amendment here.

Christmas Window of the day.

The quiet courtyard of Paradise Point. A little piece of the French Quarter.

The baking is other worldly - we shared a piece of a multi nut kahlua date fig pie - that could have been right out of the Louisiana Kitchen. We swear that even the coffee had chicory.

Ledbetter is the law here - they definitely have the best sign.

The front window of El Dorado Photographics. There is a ghost of an old Durst 184 presiding over it. I wonder if it still works? I wonder if he would part with it? We actually don't know if this gallery is even still in business.

Welcome to Cottonwood.




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