Roadtrip 2017 Fall: Vancouver - Seaside - Bandon - Calistoga - Sedona - Sacramento - Seaside - Vancouver

Day 45 - Cottonwood - Stupa Peace Park

We make another trip to Cottonwood - specifically for brunch at Crema.

Truly the best Mexican breakfast in the area - and great coffees to round out the whole experience.

This gas station is now a diner that is never open.

This is Larry's backlot.

Spit polished clean and shiney - a little piece of the 1950's.

Of road trips past and present.

Larry is ready for the season.

A visit from the man in the trenchcoat.

The Amitabha Stupa and Peace Park.

Stupa - pendous in the Red Rocks.

The Buddha of the Rocks.

A wooden Buddah blends into the surroundings.

Just as we become overcome with Peace, we find this in a nearby arroyo. Clearly, it is an ancient mooring for extraterrestrial dirigibles.






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