Roadtrip 2017 Fall: Vancouver - Seaside - Bandon - Calistoga - Sedona - Sacramento - Seaside - Vancouver

Day 55 - Hug Point

It's just plain too cute. Oh, and they do carry Moonstruck.

Emma waits patiently for the coffee.

It is worth the wait.

Truly a little slice of heaven. The heated deck at Sleepy Monk.

Coffe shop truce.

Whaddaya mean you forgot the ball?

Russ emerges from the darkness. We have no idea what he was doing in there.

The world-famous slot cave.

One of the best tiny waterfalls on the Oregon coast.

The crazy cool caves at Hug Point. Luckily we hit low tide today.

Guardians of the cave .

Beware, this is Guardian Angry.

Russ climbs a rock path that has never been accessible before. But watch for those sneaky waves ...... They're here!

Last light on the beach.

At the base of the falls.

Wet and wild.

The sun breaks through at last light.

Into the melting pot.

After a long day at the beach, Emma needs a hand up the stairs.

Tiny tears.



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