Roadtrip 2017 Spring: Vancouver - Yakima - Bend - Yachats - Seaside - Vancouver

Day 2 - Yakima to Bend

Russ and Emma await their Yakimanian morning cuppa at Northtown.

Jailhouse Corner Encounter

I always wondered what was behind that locked door in the back of Northtown Coffee.

The chairs are stacked awaiting deployment at the old rail station.

The fabled crossing of the Columbia at Maryhill.

On the way to the local Ben Hur Memorial Chariot Races. The chariots have become a little more threatening this year.

Once again, my favourite church in Grass Valley.

Sorry, no gas.

Arriving in style.

Not sure if "dead or alive" refers to the bats, or the person who responds to this poster!

Oddly, Shaniko has the greenest grass in all of the high desert.

This is what happens when you don't heed the warnings. Never ignore the warnings.

Ain't nuthin' a blacksmith can't fix.

Even the Blacksmith may have a rough time with this one.

This bend in the road was actually a surveyor's mistake in 1845. Bend, Oregon got built 100 miles in the wrong direction and was named for this mistake. Really.

Just reflect on it for a moment.

Ahh, arrival in Bend - we head straight to the Lone Pine back alley - even before checking into our home for a week.

Always be nice - but there's a lot to smile about in Oregon.














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