Roadtrip 2017 Spring: Vancouver - Yakima - Bend - Yachats - Seaside - Vancouver

Day 3 - Bend

The coffee here is no longer the best in town, but their food+coffee still is.

Sweatshop refugee.

Strolling along the mighty Deschutes - the beer is likely now more famous than the river.

Under this hatch is the result of the CERN super-collider's accidental creation of a gravitational singularity. Inside that hatch is a space equal to the trunk of a full-size car. Nobody understands how this could be, but there it is.

The Bend Offical Olympic Rings Commemorating the Olympics That Weren't. Sure beats Vancouver's weird malfunctional tinfoil torch thingie.

Ain't nuthin' like a mid-walk scritch.







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