Roadtrip 2017 Spring: Vancouver - Yakima - Bend - Yachats - Seaside - Vancouver

Day 4 - Bend

A Ponderosa takes on the full Bend spirit of things.

Right below our house we discover a trail system that hugs the rambunctious Deschutes River.

Not Yet Spring

In the Bend Museum of Art, this Rothko. Yes, they keep it outside.

Yup, that's the Bend water supply running through it.

The ladder permits the Bend Water Gremlins to scamper up and down the pipe and do what Gremlins do. Below right, is a small collection of doggie poo bags - with poo. People are weird. Gremlins on the other hand are just functional happy creatures.

The Bend Water Fluoridation Unit hard at work making sure that all the trout in the Deschutes have nice, strong teeth.

Almost the sparsity and tranquility of a Japanese garden. Where's the Onsen? We do have water.

Rothko meets Pollock.

The Benders planted these Ponderosas to hide the water pipe. Not working.

It is however, a shade to the wabi sabi funky side of 'tings. Unintended consequences at their very best.

The incredibly rare Siberian Knitwear Bush is bearing fruit after a long, hard winter.






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