Roadtrip 2017 Spring: Vancouver - Yakima - Bend - Yachats - Seaside - Vancouver

Day 8 - Smith Rock

Ant-like climbers riddle the rock faces. Apparently, there is a geo-cache of a million dollars in gold up there somewhere. Really.

Yup, a geo-cache. One million dollars. Up there. Somewhere.

A side channel draining into the Crooked River creates an active flowing mini swamp on a high hillside.

Today's trailhead - the Rope De Dope. Dunno what they're talking about.

Jurassic bowling balls litter the landscape. Two takeaways from examining these specimens: 1. Jurassic bowlers must have been unbelievably strong. 2. There are no thumb-holes.

Someone has thoughtfully organized a nice little still life composition. We're wondering if it's the stone ground cannabis crew.

Cloud mimics tree - tree mimics cloud?? Most likely the first way around is correct.

A view out to the World Famous Balancing Rock.

The Smith Rock Ambulance Service. It's best not to fall off anything.

Spot the We Are Small

Gothic landscape.

The big meadow is home to nesting eagles. We didn't see any.

All travellers who visit these Rocks of Smith must cross my checkpoint before entry.


Sock Box Life allows me to live free and easy and take advantage of all these wonderful excursions. As an added special bonus, it also includes a garcon who carries my poo bags.

The exit climbout.

Hah! The Rules and Regulations. They didn't post all this stuff on our trailhead.






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