Roadtrip 2018 Fall: Vancouver - Yakima - Bend - Carson City - Lone Pine - Palm Desert - Sedona - Palm Desert - Paso Robles - Calistoga - Brookings - Yachats - Cannon Beach - Vancouver

Day 15 - Templeton and Easy Breezy

The Rules and Regulations. This year, a new danger and annoyance: rabies!

Today's trail run-in takes us to the base of Cathedral Rock.

Cathedral Rock throws crazy shadows.

Crazy shapes in these here hills.

An ocotillo proudly shows off new growth.

The spikiest candy cane in the world.

Desert garden perfection.

The gullies are green with recent rains.

Water leaves a tale.

They stop drillin' when it falls over.

summit snacks.

You know, you two are turning out to be painfully slow.

We stumble upon the Top-Secret prototype laboratory for Desert Disney, about to be built near Sedona. We think Pricky Mickey needs a little work before it is ready for toddlers.

Ellie demonstrates her descending technique.

Another trunk begs for inclusion in the surrealism category.

The puppy pounce.

Lichens like abstract forms.

Some go forward, some go back.



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