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Day 29 - Broken Arrow | Submarine Rock

Today's run-in has plenty of space for playtime.

And plenty of slickrock for scampering.

A small slice of sun finds a way through to this stand of trees.

Ellie starts an excavation.

Arrival at submarine rock. It is badly misnamed. It is clearly above water.

It's a great day to be out in the vast viewpoint that is submarine rock - as clouds tumble about and break the usual blue monotone sky.

Once again, we spot the twisting contrails over the secret test area. The locals all pretend they don't know what we are talking about.

The vast expanse of submarine rock. It really does seem vast until the pink jeeps disgorge their prisoners all over it.

The black helicopters seem to be testing a sort of cloaking device today. It appears to work by using some kind of gravitational lensing effect, but so far, it only makes them blurry. They could learn how to do blurry just by studying Bigfoot more closely - after all, all pictures of Bigfoot are blurry.

Pink jeep captives spill out over the rock - there's a competition to see who can draw fastest and make the most phone pics first. Sort of a contemporary gunfight.

The kids are having none of it - luckily these kids still just want to play.

Faceless portrait.

Everyone scurries away when the Queen of the Vortexes appears.

This looks like fallout from that death-ray thingie they were testing a few days ago - check out our pictures of it in action here.

Ella needs to make sure that her boy is in toe - and indeed has made a clean getaway from the Vortex Queen.

Last light is soon upon us - and in the distance there is a bright firey light on the landscape. Local legend recalls the appearance of these hot zones as predictors of new vortex spots. It is especially common after a sighting of a Vortex Queen.

Once again, we are racing the alpenglow to the parking lot. This is getting to be standard operating procedure for us.

The Vortex Queen celebrates her newest creation - giving us a pink and fluffy sunset scene as we depart the trailhead parking lot.



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