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Day 30 - Bear Mountain

Today's run-in to Bear Mountain in the distance. We don't have time to get to the very top, but we do expect to get a long way up before we have to race the darkness once again.

Looking back towards Doe Mountain - an adventure for another day.

Once on the Bear, the trail goes straight up.

Red rock views abound in every direction.

The climbs up vertical escarpments is relieved by short traverses across ledges.

Today's turnaround point - we can't get stuck here after dark, for sure. Across the way, right at the bottom of that dry waterfall is a little family - I'm not even sure they are visible in this picture.

Russ is outstanding on his high point.

It's a tiny manzanita, but is so full of character.

There's Doe Mountain again, across the way. We've already descended some distance and are still higher than Doe.

This might be the Viewpoint of the Trip.

Ellie plans her route.

And executes.

She has become fearless.

Pitch after pitch, no problem.

The red rock is carved into amazing shapes all around us.

Moonrise over the far bluffs - just as the sun sets in the direct opposite direction.

Once again, that top-secret Government test lab is at work on that Death-Star thingie. It seems today they are trying to shoot down the moon. It also appears they scored a direct hit, leaving the moon sporting a giant smoke trail. However, the moon is still in the sky, so that would be a Fail.

The sunset stirs the vortex hour.

Ella feels the rumbles, closely followoing her boy's footsteps as daylight wanes.

One last burst of flaming light as the sun slips away.

Dusk brings further spatial anomalies - in concert with the vortex forces, of course.



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