Roadtrip 2018 Fall: Vancouver - Yakima - Bend - Carson City - Lone Pine - Palm Desert - Sedona - Palm Desert - Paso Robles - Calistoga - Brookings - Yachats - Cannon Beach - Vancouver

Day 50 - Yachats Rain Day

The sea and sky gods are very irritated today. High tide is super high. The Coast Guard is flying the double red pennant - gale warning.

The wind and rain are so strong, the sun goes square. This was last seen in 1789, during the Storm of the Ages.

The crab boat fleet remains in port today. The crews are very bored - so they're setting off a fireworks display.

We retreat to Local Ocean for a delicious lunch and to watch the fireworks. Later we loot the fish case for some more take home seafood delights.



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