Roadtrip 2018 Spring: Vancouver - Cannon Beach - Waldport - Seaside - Vancouver

Day 4 - Cannon Beach to Waldport

It's another wet start - but our favorite corner at the Monk is open and the deck heaters are fired.

Spring break's end - escape from Rockaway.

The coastal towns melt in a rainy blur today.

It looks like nothing at all from the outside, and pretty much the same inside, but the Schooner Restaurant in Netarts is something special - so much so, we made a special effort to get here for lunch. This is one of the best places to eat on the coast north of Sausalito.

Once again, we see the ravages of Codzilla in the once verdant hills of Oregon - a stark warning about the abuse of otherwise friendly radioactive substances.

Port of Newport - that big blue and white ship belongs to the NOAA. She seemingly never moves. Hmmm. Just what is she doing in Newport Harbour? Can you say Agent afloat?? They are everywhere.

Approaching Sand Castles.

Sand Castle actual. Our home for 10 days. Will escape be possible?






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