Roadtrip 2018 Spring: Vancouver - Cannon Beach - Waldport - Seaside - Vancouver

Day 5 - Sandcastles

Our first day in the sandcastles district, and it's a beaut.

We call this area the sandcastles because it's a constant running battle with the local dunes. This is our back stairs. The dunes are winning.

An enormous snag has spent enough time at sea to become encrusted with barnacles.

There are many types of sandcastles.

The Flotsam of the Day. We believe this is a North Korean Multiple Reentry Vehicle, designed to rain nuclear death upon the running dogs of capitalism. It was shot down with a golf ball,hit with a nine-iron, by a local duffer, who is now a national hero.

Theae folks have the right kind of vehicle for this terrain.

This is the last unclimbed driveway in the sandcastles, rated "Too Perilous" by Farmer's Insurance, and "unclimbable" by Sir Edmund.

Wendy finds a stop sign.

Nothing ever stops Russ.

That's our sandcastle, peeking out over the neighboring dune.

The last remnant of the earth-moving equipment used in a futile attempt to move neighboring dune. The dune is back, and it is angry.

Truck can't wait for the garage bay door to open. There's another storm brewing for tonight.

Our garage door needed fixing today after neighboring dune mashed it in.

First signs that trouble may be on the way. Yes, it is angry - even though it's not quite set yet.






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