Roadtrip 2018 Spring: Vancouver - Cannon Beach - Waldport - Seaside - Vancouver

Day 6 - Seal Rock and sand matters

These stairs were completely clear yesterday.

The sweet folks from Sweet Homes arrive to bail us out. The guy with the big digger is unavailable.

Our next door dune decided to slide on over our driveway last night. Digging sand by hand is ridiculously heavy work.

At last, we arrive at Seal Rock for an afternoon of adventuring.

There are many tide pools to explore.

It didn't take long to find the latest evidence of alien colonization.

Russ 'n Rocks.

Go past the natural end of Seal Rock and find the truth, which is out there.

Zillions of horseshoe crabs are attracted to this rock and no other. We think it has something to do with that low thrumming sound. Oh, and our phones both started playing the theme music to "Love Boat" at the same time.

Fossilized horseshoe crabs nearby. We think horseshoe crabs are the remains of a vast, original alien artificial intelligence.

Our second find of a fully operational North Korean re-entry vehicle in two days. This one is clearly designed to dispense aerial brainwashing chemistry on arrival.

The arming canister for the re-entry vehicle above was found nearby.

Landing zone markings only understood by North Korean re entry vehicles and alien pod ships.

Signs of Spring hang from these rock shelves. We could use more signs of Spring.

The sea wants its beach back. Best not to argue.

Crazy rocks.

Someone has attempted to organize Mother Nature. It usually doesn't work - see picture #1 today.

Birds, on the other hand, just go with the flow.

Back at sandcastles, we nervously watch the neighbor dune for signs of anger.





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