Roadtrip 2018 Spring: Vancouver - Cannon Beach - Waldport - Seaside - Vancouver

Day 10 - Yachats

Our favourite dune wants her driveway back, and works quickly to reassert her presence.

The light cavalry arrives. Neighboring dune is in retreat.

Meanwhile, across the way, this guy is actually shovelling sand into his pickup. He then drives away like he stole somethin'.

A small beach art grabs attention at Smelt Sands - kinda resembles an Inukshuk gone rogue.

Big waves, picture frenzy. Or psychosis. I'm not sure which.

Man, bench, and sign.

What happens after the waves crash over the rocks is more interesting.

The green slime, having mutated into sentient form, climbs out of the surf. It seeks its natural prey, as it requires vast amounts of electricity to mate. mmmMMMMMmmm Teslas. Crunchy, salty Teslas.

Meanwhile a log rests quietly, it's had a long journey and would simply like to rest a while.

Further up the beach this tree hangs on for dear life.

The wet and watery west coast.






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