Roadtrip 2018 Spring: Vancouver - Cannon Beach - Waldport - Seaside - Vancouver

Day 11 - Newport rain day

The Grand Depart from sandcastles in the driving rain.

The rain is insane today - so with the exemption of the need to leave the car at foraging stops - we elect to stay dry and tour some of the true tourist highlight areas Newport has on offer. Yo Ho Ho -Yum Yum Yum.

It's a crazyvisually busy corner - but what I most want to know is why do you need an escape room when in Newport?

Wouldn't want to mess with this plundering pirate.

Mmmmmmm - boy looks tasty.

Finally - we knew we would come across one of these migratory specimens at some point. This one, named Neverfailia, is hiding around a building backside - out of the rain and wind. His rain shield alone doesn't provide enough protection - he's terribly sensitive to the cold.

Could it possibly get worse than this? Even the very best rain gear won' t keep you toasty dry today.

It is the little town of Waldport - she had no visitors today.






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