Roadtrip 2018 Spring: Vancouver - Cannon Beach - Waldport - Seaside - Vancouver

Day 12 - sandcastles, Yaquina Head

The light cavalry battle against neighboring dune is rejoined at 8am. It is noisy.

When are they coming back? Turns out it was about 2 minutes and they were loaded with pastries - of which I'm certain my little friend here got none of!! But boy was he pleased to see them!! The pastries that is.

We return from the pastries sortie and find a completely cleared driveway. We had no idea it is so big.

Meanwhile, down the street, those without light cavalry support are left with this.

On the beach, our first view of open skies in quite a few days.

So many baggages.

The giant cooling tower of the experimental seaweed-fuelled power generating station at Yaquina Head.

The massive steam plume from the seaweed-fuelled power generation station really gets the local gull population worked up.

Down on the beach, tourists search the rocks for iridium. There is a sign at the top of the trail urging tourists to leave iridium alone. It is protected by the EPA.

This is all we could find. Not exactly endangered.

From a distance the generating station cleverly appears to be a simple lighthouse. Parents hang on tightly to their children though.

Above the cleverly disquised lighthouse there's a high point lookout - where stealthy watch is kept for foreign spies who may approach by sea.

High above Yaquina Head, we notice the weather control experiment has gone awry again.

"Ahhh, shucks, darn" - we hear the scientists mutter - "We're going to have to run this one more time".

After such an event filled day - we retreat to our Sandcastle by the sea - where today - all is calm.






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