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Day 13 - Coyote Buttes South - Paw Hole

We bumple on in to Coyote Buttes South – on House Rock Valley Road. It's lumpy but truck is handling it with no worries.

I'm not so keen on this Paw Hole thing – I don't want holes in my paws.

The Coyote Buttes tower over us.

This is one of many fossilized Aliens found in the area.  That movie is not a myth.

This is one of the many fossilized Navigators found in the area.  The Navigators came to warn us about the Aliens, but unfortunately, we dismissed them as lunatics, despite their advanced technology.

There are no marked trails in the area, so it's every dog for herself.

The original inspiration for the baby bottle.

The buttes reign over the local terrain.

The buttes like to live in little clusters – for safety and informed conversations.

The summit snack.

Mystery poo of the day.

Perfect little stools.

Big buttes in the distance – wannabe buttes in the foreground.

Whheeee! Downhill all the way back to the trailhead.

Russ commands truck for the drive out through sand, rocks, gully crossings, and sideways terrain – all to get back to the main dirt and gravel road! Truck – and Russ – made it out in fabulous form.

We follow behind a Honda Pilot – we met them part way up the sandy path on our way out. They were trying to get in but decided to turn around. Too scary.  4 runner: 1, Honda Pilot: 0.

The cliffs are resplendent in vermillion.  Thank-you Paul Sherwin.  We miss you.

We have so far evaded the Black Helicopters.  But, the mind-control experiments continue in the desert.  Here, a secret transmitter is being used to convince the local population that there is nothing to the rumours of an Alien invasion.  And indeed, nobody in Kanab thinks such an invasion is imminent.

At the Arizona border is the store with absolutely everything, especially the essentials of gas, ammo and beer.






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