Roadtrip 2019 Fall: Vancouver - Richland - Twin Falls - Provo - Kanab - Yucca Valley - Paso Robles - Sacramento - Brookings - Yachats - Cannon Beach - Vancouver

Day 32 - Jacob Lake, Kanab

Pretty much everything on this sign is closed for the season.  And just to make sure, the sign itself is closed for the season.

The World-Famous Kaibab Squirrel Area, an Official National Natural Landmark, as attested to by the sign and many dignitaries.  The squirrels are fully equipped with housing and propane by the National Park Service for the winter, which is fast approaching.

Aha! We stumble upon this government hi spy viewing machine. They were so confident no one would ever find the machine - they even engraved this label so they could keep track of their stealthy stuff – strewn about the countryside. From this post they've been watching Kanabians – suspicious they are beaming communications to aliens through the bright lights of the historic sign in front of the Perry Hotel. We're racing back to tell the Kanabians of our discovery.

Don't worry son – it's a controlled burn.

Along with many other things touristy – Utah has already closed most of it's roadside washrooms. Seems butt (haha) stupid – and a tad early in the season. There are still many travellers out here touring the lands and hiking the trails. All it yields are nasty bits of toilet paper blown onto low scrub near these washrooms – or trailside - as an aftermath of what folks must do when they become desperate.

But do enjoy your visit!

They know we found the hi spy – and now they're sending out not one, but two black helicopters to track us down.

We make it back to the safety of Kanab. The town raven atop the McDonald's sign is extending her substantial cloaking wings. They'll never see us now.

If you live in Kanab – you just have to have one of these.

Just have to love a town with a drive through immunization feature at the drug store.

Sunset over cul de sac – and porta potty.

A spectacular sunset tonight – we haven't had many of these on this trip! Notice that raven has called upon another of her avian friends to also extend her wings over Kanab. Total gottcha – government.






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