Roadtrip 2019 Fall: Vancouver - Richland - Twin Falls - Provo - Kanab - Yucca Valley - Paso Robles - Sacramento - Brookings - Yachats - Cannon Beach - Vancouver

Day 52 - Baker Beach

Ella still resorts to this no see 'em frisbee carry from time to time.

Ellie and I do a little exploration of our Yachats rental property, and discover we do have a way down to our beach! Great view up coast – back towards town.

That's our home for the week – they call it Shipwreck House. It definitely has a few oddities about it – but we're going to really enjoy the views and the wood burning fire place.

The view from our coffee perch.

Cresting the big dune in front of Baker Beach.

Endless dunes! I like this place.

Ellie thinks she's discovered a Jackson Pollack. 

The dunes around here have abnormal shapes, and they steam a lot.  Nobody around here likes to talk about it.

The advance scouting party is making a decision for the entire tribe.

Yeah I did that. Is there an issue?

The advance scouting party is deeply suspicious of the nature of these dunes.  Pilot holes are drilled and inspected.

Dune grass tries to gain a foothold in a new dune.

Ella tries out her supershelt fly drive for the first time.

The advance scouts demonstrate their vertical scouting capabilities.

The sands always amaze with their unusual pattern making abilities.

A sandy recognition of all the 4 legged furry ones who have loved their time on this beach.

The light is getting low – signalling our time to turn around to the trailhead.






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