Roadtrip 2019 Fall: Vancouver - Richland - Twin Falls - Provo - Kanab - Yucca Valley - Paso Robles - Sacramento - Brookings - Yachats - Cannon Beach - Vancouver

Day 59 - Cannon Beach Rain Day

Of course, all rain days start at the Sleepy Monk.

We hiked the Hobbit trail a few days back – but I had no idea the Hobbits had initially claimed Cannon Beach as their settlement.

The storm surge is crazy today! I've never seen this section of Cannon Beach so completely submerged before. The ocean is slapping the cliffs and bouncing back – creating strong back currents.

Fog hangs over Ecola Park – but the sun is actually out right now!

Further evidence of the Hobbit colony.

In the Hobbit world – pigs really fly.

This Hobbit has superior wood crafting skills.

Russ and Ella tire of the Hobbits – and retreat to the nearby parking scrape.

This Beach Club is a long way off the beach – mostly people aren't all that stoked about Beach Clubs today.

Seaside is feeling pretty sad today. Almost deserted – but then there are hardly any stores open either. Not sure what's driving what.






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