Roadtrip 2019 Spring: Vancouver - Yakima - Bend - Rockaway Beach - Cannon Beach - Vancouver

Day 7 - Foraging Garibaldi

Beach Argyle.

Ella learns rudimentary math. Beach = Off Leash

Mud flows in a slow-motion gloop.

Ellie waits for the snacks to catch up.

The Twin Rocks loom in the distance.

Our house for the next 10 days is the tiny pale turquoise box right on the ridgeline, centre.

The Coast Guard is practicing their guarding.  Sounds positively Canadian.

Today the mission is "guarding plus" – the fishing vessel just beyond the coast guard boats has managed to become stuck on a sand bank on the river's edge.  An extraction has already been attempted with no success. The FV Captain is desperately trying to move the ship with her own power. Most of the community of Garibaldi has come down to watch the spectacle. The FV was unsuccessful in freeing herself. Next try 2am high tide. We're not waiting for that!

Meanwhile on the docks – we're scouting seafood markets.

The pirate crew makes a stand at the burger/fish shack – no one cuts in line in front of these two.

The whole reason this pic was made is for the presence of the "Attitude Makes The Difference" poster. If you don't watch "Deadliest Catch" you won't have a clue. But we must find a way to get one of these for Russ.

The solemn reminder that the sea requires our utmost respect, always.

Barview Jetty security patrol – at their posts.





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