Roadtrip 2019 Spring: Vancouver - Yakima - Bend - Rockaway Beach - Cannon Beach - Vancouver

Day 18 - Cannon Beach, Seaside

Off to the Pelican for chowder.

Ellie is anxious to get to the beach.  We forgot they let idiots drive on the sand at the beach at Gearhart, so we had to abort this path.

A herd of elk have reclaimed their rightful title to this golf club sub division.

This top-secret training facility deep in the back-blocks of Gearhart is training elk to read utility meters.  The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers is going to explode when they find out about this.

We finally settle on the north reaches of Seaside for a last game of leviball for this trip.  Our young padawan is getting the hang of it.  Literally.

Enough with the leviball!!  Let's play fetch!!

The town of Seaside comfortably settles into her little corner of the Pacific.

A final toss.

Stretching it out on the last retrieval.

Darkness is coming.


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