Road Trip 2009 - Fort Ross, Monte Rio, Sonoma Beach State Park

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Day 10

OK it's last night's sunset - dumped into a new folder or something .... at least it showed up ... and no I don't know how it got there!

digital has its perils ... but this little machine can do a few interesting things when you play with it

Interior living space at Fort Ross State Historic Park - just north of Jenner

traditional instruments catch perfect light at Fort Ross

exploring the sturdy construction in the largest building on site

small details

whispy clouds over the Pacific

detail added to the Rio theatre in Monte Rio - cartoons and text refer to a 2006 Russian River flood that apparently flowed through the theatre doors!!

One of the renowned beach areas along the Russian River. Send the kids for swim lessons in two languages .... but no lifeguard to be seen!

More features along the famed beach frontage

yes, tonight's real sunset - still playing with this soft motion stuff - a bit addicting - glad it's not film

Wendy still relentlessly pointing and shooting at last light.

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