Road Trip 2009 - The Road to Boonville

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Day 13

This way to the Blue Lagoon...

Driving through the redwoods... camera set to "malfunction" mode...

Spooling up the FTL drive on the 4-Runner...

creation of fine wine - a true balancing act

coffee corner for two in Boonville

This barrel seems to be a refugee from Beaune, France. MMMMMmmmmmmmm. Beaune...

the dead Oak building is about a block west

Just For Debbie

Boonville's Sheriff, and his horse named Horsie. Never mess with a guy and a horse named Horsie.

The Sheriff enforcing local white dog laws. Do not violate local white dog laws.

Two luminous figures could be seen in the distance attempting to cross the road. Snake like bolts of light suddenly appeared, moving faster than the Millenium Falcon, and towards the scurrying figures.

Having survived the perilous trek throught the Navarro Redwoods we land at Navarro Beach and return to more earthly reality, at least until we uncover the secret of the sea cave.

The apparition of the Elf Lord, who appears in this sea cave only once every hundred years.

Are we there yet?

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