Road Trip 2009 - Elk, Point Arena, Manchester Beach, Van Damme State Park

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Day 14

down the road in Elk, we come upon Queenie's, right on Cal 1, and pull in for lunch and local flavour ....... mmmmm huevos rancheros with ultra fresh ingredients .... and wonderful cafe latte too ...... definitely on the best eats list.

seems coastal Cal has not gone to the dogs - almost all outdoor park areas are dog on leash, or no dogs allowed at all. Emma has been sad on quite a few occassions.

rental returns in Point Arena

An art car named Eartha.

this is actuallly pretty sad - remnants of a burned down home and contents - this probably was a pretty cool record collection

Point Arena's General Store. Ample parking.

further remains of the burn out - really a very scary thing to see - really feel for those involved, and hopefully all are at least physically OK

a hole for time

The ghost of carbon-arc projectors past haunts the lobby of Point Arena's art-deco movie theatre.

Manchester Beach pit stop.

The top-secret replacement for Gitmo at Manchester Beach. This nameless concrete bunker surrounded by razor wire is in the middle of the state park. I think they're also holding space aliens in there.

Little footprints mark the spot where life emerged from the sea over 3 billion years ago.

The secret beach of solid gold seaweed. This species of seaweed produces over 300 tons of pure gold each year at this one spot, closely guarded by the Knights Templar.

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