Road Trip 2009 - Fort Bragg

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Day 15

Some interesting stuff here in Fort Bragg - Larry would be a riot to meet - he's 93 and still has this shop and runs workshops.

Here's part of Larry's theory of electromagnetism, which is admittedly somewhat at odds with "conventional" physics, but very much easier to understand than Schroedinger. Also more fun to teach.

weathered blue

interesting mural painted on vacant building - looking for new renter

Here's the interior of the building for rent - one of several in the Fort Bragg historic district. We figure it would be a great new home for Exposure Gallery - it even comes with a giant hole in the floor - and lots of dirt and stuff underneath. The lighting would be prime as well.

The closest thing to big-city entertainment.

The exact sidewalk where the Wild West meets the Twenty-First Century.

Abbey Road, Fort Bragg. The chihuahua (in bare feet) is Paul.

Another for Andy.

we have no idea why they embedded old railway rails vertically in the sand - but it looks kind of cool

Railway's End.

Headlands Coffee House in Fort Bragg - great afternoon coffee and snacks for a foggy day.

Medocino's pretty much in the soup by days' end.

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