Road Trip 2009 - Astoria, Ephemeron Beach, Cannon Beach

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Day 35

always one of our last stops before the turn for home - Astoria Coffee - THE place for the best coffee, tea, cocoa, spices

this one's had a few wild rides

The long road to the beach

Ephemeron revisited... it turns out that the subject of Wendy's award-winning series "Ephemeron" occurs only on this 50 meter patch of beach. But it occurs.

wild light revisited on "Ephemeron Beach"

Emma Brown Sock negotiates more beach time - she's quite persuasive

This is the exact spot, 3.3 billion years ago, where Jeeps first hauled their boneless carcasses from the deep, bringing 4 wheel drive to the land.

Haystack Rock in the distance

Cannon Beach at fading light

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