Road Trip 2009 - Cazadero and Sonoma Beach

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Day 5

Russian River Valley - a little morning fog just peeking over the coast range

Our house's deck on the hills just below Cazadero. That's the Russian River valley in the distance.

pretty elaborate for a hose spigot

my brand new favourite "thing" toy - from the trendy "Fideaux" store in Healdsburg - I got to shop too and they even gave me snacks!

should make for an interesting sermon

Cazadero general store - a very fun funky place

backroad throught the coast range

In the grand tradition of the west coast photography school, I waited for seven days for a red-headed woman to walk by on this lonely backroad to complete this picture. Oh wait... that's Wendy.

the classic foggy California Pacific Coast - the sun's still shining - about half an hour later it got real cold.

Nowhere to stop along California Hwy 1 to truly soak in this view of the Russian River's meeting with the Pacific Ocean.

about a minute after this photo at Sonoma Beach State Park - these guys had to make a run for it - almost caught by a ferocious sneaker wave.

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