Road Trip 2009 - Point Reyes Station and National Seashore, Occidental

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Day 8

The dominant life form on Point Reyes. Angry cows.

Just for Andy.

This mysterious gravel circle spontaneously appeared after strange lights were seen in the sky during summer solstice in 1976.

Beachwalk, South Beach.

oddly similar to above photo

Wall in Drake's Beach visitor's center.

Fences are everywhere. Keeps the angry cows away from their natural prey, domestic dogs.

And then the fog rolled in. It was pretty much inevitable.

Pierce Point Ranch Barn

Pierce Point Ranch Barn Doors

No one left out here except the crows and us

angry cows at the feed trough

late afternoon - cows gone wild

Yep. No Barking. Cars ok.

finally the fog and the light combine for something interesting - Tomales Channel (aka San Andreas Rift) - Point Reyes in the distance

My one and only sunset picture.

Last tavern standing in Occidental, Tuesday night.


Occidental - tiny town - two big Italian restaurants - they love their pasta in these parts

we ate French Provencal - at Bistro Des Copains - mmmmmm

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