Road Trip 2009 - Armstrong Redwoods State Reserve, Sonoma Beach State Park, Guerneville

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Day 9

Our visit to the Armstrong Redwoods State Reserve turned into a "let's abuse our digital point 'n shoots" day, as we confronted the towering trees, the very dark forest floor, and the many people, park signs, paths, roads, fences... everything that makes this area anything but a wilderness experience. Anything goes!! Lie to the machine!! All of these pictures are straight off the camera - no PhotoShop editing of any kind has been applied.


Cool Interior


lost in the woods

cool colour for a hot day

invasion of the forest frisbees

rise from softened ground

invitation to wander

forest figures

Follow the arrows!! Stay on the path!! Don't frighten the civilians!!

View from the Guerneville coffee shop.

Our afternoon coffee with Georgia O'Keeffe.

last light out at the coast

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