Russel Kwan
fiber based silver gelatin
edition of 9

24 hours at Sheelah's apartment in Vancouver's West End. There's lots of little details in this picture: the crossroad at Alberni and Denman Streets is marked by the sun's specular reflection off cars moving back and forth - head-and-tail-lights don't record because they aren't bright enough. There are lots of other car-trails through the porticos and streets below. The street lighting is clearly "on", even though the picture reads as daytime. There are a few parked cars that are recorded (just above the window frame above the vases), because they were left there all day. The wooden camera at the left edge of this picture is recording another picture - there were many exposures made from this location over a few days, but this is my favourite.

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Series Keywords: ultra long film based exposures of the sun crossing the sky, sun arcs, experimental film chemistry

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