the toast
Russel Kwan
fiber based silver gelatin
edition of 9

This is my very first ultra-long exposure that successfully captures people. I hit upon the idea of manipulating the aperture during exposure, adding a huge amount of exposure to the film for the few minutes Wendy and I sat at the table with a bottle of wine. That's me on the right (or at least my knees), and that's Wendy (or at least her back) on the left. The streaky lines are specular reflections off of our wineglasses. The bottle and glasses are clearly visible on the table (at least on the original print). Interestingly, there are hard shadows and clouds also captured during the open aperture phase of this shot, giving a frozen time sense to the picture as well as an obvious sunstreak.

For the record, this was a 24 hour exposure in Moab, Utah on 4x5 inch film.

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Series Keywords: ultra long film based exposures of the sun crossing the sky, sun arcs, experimental film chemistry

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