New Mythographs
everyday experiences * unlikely fascinations

Tapenade Bistro, Steveston Village
March 2012

Drawn from our solo exhibitions over the past seven years, this collection of landscape and interior photography describes unlikely and fascinating experiences with everyday things and events.

Where is that place? Did that really happen? What is that?

That is New Mythographs – barely believable memories.

Our thanks to restauranteur Vincent Morlet of Tapenade Bistro for the use of his beautiful space and restaurant designer Davide Merino for his time, patience and curatorial acumen.

Photographs on display are original, limited edition dual-toned silver gelatin prints.

All photographs, except Wendy's "Fight the Kite" are in the private function room at Tapenade Bistro. "FIght the Kite" is in the main dining room.

Many thanks to Davide Merino and David Crocker for designing and hanging this collection.

There are thirteen photographs in all at Tapenade, drawn from "Chasing Light Stranger", "Vanishing Silver", "just another day on the beach" and "Time's Arrow".

We love the food here. It's our favourite (and only) dining spot in Steveston.

So, we couldn't be happier to have our pictures on the wall.




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