Space+Time at VISUALSPACE Gallery
Opening Day - Fri 21 Aug 2015


Our thanks to Maya for her talents and time in making these pictures. We have never had such a fabulous chronicle of the creating and opening of a show.

Emma Brown Sock always supervises everything.

The Space+Time titles are on the wall!

Getting the labels right.

Publisher portrait.

This show entirely fueled by Orange Julius. Thanks Nancy!

Almost ready.

Yup, almost ready, and there are already customers at the door. We open 30 minutes early to accomodate the early birds.

Early birds continue to arrive.

By the published opening time, the gallery is already very lively.

There was a constant flow of people.

And things actually got pretty crowded.

We found time to yak with an old friend.



This was our little secret side-gallery with a couple of old chestnuts.


The Official Opening Speech. I hope we weren't too boring.













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