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Lives on the Lawn
Wendy Kwan
fiber based silver gelatin
edition of 6

Back in the summertime we witnessed the removal of items from the buildings to be proceeding in an orderly manner. Trucks carried away appliances, presumably for alternative uses, or at least thoughtful disposal. All changed after one vacant building caught fire and burned to the ground in late fall. After that, the process to get the remaining buildings down accelerated at an unbelievable clip. Appliances, left over personal belongings, as well as interior demolition remnants were ripped out and left strewn over the lawns in front of the buildings. What a sight. What a waste.

6x6cm medium format negative from Holga camera

Image Keywords:

Series Keywords: Little Mountain Public Housing closure in Vancouver BC, relocated people create art in abandoned public housing project, photographs of abandoned apartment buildings, empty playgrounds, experimental photography, double and multiple exposures, slit-scan images, very to extremely long exposures, modified and unmodified Holga toy camera, pinhole camera, Fotoman 45PS

General Keywords: quiet, calm, peaceful, silent, gentle, placid, secret, serene, tranquil, sublime, evocative, elegant, simplicity, inspire, subtle, haunting, contemplative, exquisite traditional film darkroom black and white photography, print, licensing, license, for sale, order, work on paper, dual toned, selenium, sulphide, sulfide, sepia, archival, Ilford, Kodak