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Main Entrance
Russel Kwan
11"x14" stock, diptych
fiber based silver gelatin
edition of 9

This is the sidewalk, the front door, and some of the plywood covered windows of one of the completely abandoned buildings in the Little Mountain Public Housing project. I tried to warp all of these features into a single shot; the sidewalk is clearly visible to the left, leading to the front stairs (centre), the main doors are above the stairs, and the plywood covered windows with stick figures are to the right.

Note: The silver gelatin version of this image is printed as a diptych, and is sold as two separate prints; the C-Print versions are a single panoramic print.

random length medium format 120 film negative.

Image Keywords: Modified Holga Camera: slit-scan panoramas, panoramic photograph

Series Keywords: Little Mountain Public Housing closure in Vancouver BC, relocated people create art in abandoned public housing project, photographs of abandoned apartment buildings, empty playgrounds, experimental photography, double and multiple exposures, slit-scan images, very to extremely long exposures, modified and unmodified Holga toy camera, pinhole camera, Fotoman 45PS

General Keywords: quiet, calm, peaceful, silent, gentle, placid, secret, serene, tranquil, sublime, evocative, elegant, simplicity, inspire, subtle, haunting, contemplative, exquisite traditional film darkroom black and white photography, print, licensing, license, for sale, order, work on paper, dual toned, selenium, sulphide, sulfide, sepia, archival, Ilford, Kodak