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Art Beat on the Rock Review of Vanishing Silver in the Gulf Islands Driftwood, November 2007


It is strange to think that in our modern age it is possible to go exploring for lost mountain towns that don't exist on maps and are known only by rumour - towns not in Africa or the Himalayas but not far away in Montana.

Vancouver photographers Russ and Wendy Kwan went on an expedition to find Montana's hidden ghost towns las fall, and wound up finding the material for their year's work.


Vanishing Silver Review in the Salt Spring Island Arts Council Newsletter, November 2007


In the hands of committed, sensitive and talented individuals such as Russ and Wendy Kwan, photography has the power to evoke emotions, take you to another time and place and create the desire to own such images.


Vanishing Silver Exhibition, Gulf Islands Driftwood, November 2007


Hauntingly beautiful art will visit Galleons Lap Atelier-Gallery for the next two weeks, as Russ and Wendy Kwan present a show called Vanishing Silver.... They create images that echo the look and quality of the great photographers of the past century.


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