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These fiber-based silver gelatin photographs and many others are available for purchase in very small editions.

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We Are Small

Wendy Kwan

we are small

In we are small, I examine the rapidly vanishing moments when we permit ourselves the time and space to contemplate, share face to face with others, escape the cacophony, and establish a personal relationship with a larger context.

Every we are small photograph is a "little world". Each little world is filled with an abundance of elements, occupied by a human figure or figures that claim their fragment of space and seize the opportunity to reflect and reconnect for a few ephemeral moments. Photography's unique ability to steal a slice of time and ground us in the reality of our physical space provides the perfect medium to explore the relationships we seek with our grand context.

The unusual spherical picture space that defines these photographs is the result of my use of a plastic Holga camera/fisheye lens combination resulting in a form analogous to the shape of our own earth.

Photographs selected for we are small were made between 2010 and 2014 in spaces as diverse as my own Vancouver neighbourhood, to the coastlines of British Columbia, Washington, Oregon and California, and the interior regions of Oregon, California, Utah and New Mexico.

In the pressure of our technologically dictated daily lives, where we accept as well and good the constant distraction and interruption by the mundane and trivial, we place at risk those activities most essential and vital to our wellbeing.

we are small, but we can resist.

Wendy Kwan