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Class Gallery 2010

We are very grateful to our students who have generously shared some of their work from our first year of teaching "our way". Our ambition is to send people down their own unique path in photography - and our expectation is: their individual work will grow in completely divergent ways. Keeping classes relevant for work that becomes more and more different is an interesting challenge - but the result is worth it.

All of the photographs on this page are copyright and remain the property of their creators. For further information, please click on the photographer's links below.

Clifford Hammerschmidt

Hello, I would like to mess with your head. Not in a malicious way, but in a way that exposes something about us all.

[Here] is a set of photos that constitute an experiment on the you, the perspective viewer, and my hope is that they will elicit difference responses from each person that views them. I'm curious about exploring the perspectives of the irrational aspects of human nature. An exploration into un-reason, if you will; a chance to let the side of us that isn't logical come to the fore. I would very much like them to help, if not coerce, you to feel something; to make you question, to pause, perhaps to feel uneasy, though not altogether unsafe. I perceive a sort of implied balance between order and chaos, a shifting border where front lines will be decided and entrenched by you, the viewer.

Dana Reed

These images are an exploration of Vancouver's urban landscape and the amazing beauty we walk past everyday. Only photography allows me to capture the light and shadows in such detail. Whether I work in digital or film I love the freedom photography gives me to express what I see about the world around me and to experiment with process, image and presentation.

Marc Cadieux

Dale Waldorf

Recent travels to China provided the inspiration for this photoart collection; photography printed on fine art paper, gently embellished by hand with acrylic paint. To have photography and fine art painting work together in a complementary way has been a 10-year mission and the results appear in this duomedia collection – Circling Time.