The pictures displayed here are photoshop montages featuring my children and an assortment of items.  My work is my way of escaping and working out what’s going on in my head.  I load everything with symbolism, and delight in taking the comforting items of childhood (bunnies, books, animals, children) and turning them into something not so comforting  - perhaps even unsettling.

I also produce abstract photoshop work and take photos, all which may be viewed on my website. 

Deb Reny, June 2013

… a person or thing that is mysterious, puzzling, or difficult to understand … (Oxford English Dictionary)

We all know how to “look” at the world around us, but few of us ever really learn to “SEE” what’s there. My goal as a photographer is to see beyond the surfaces to the profound beauty in the mundane and the remarkable secrets in the commonplace. All the images presented here are of everyday, commonplace, mundane objects we all touch and use.
They all harbour their unique beauty and amazing secrets … just waiting to be discovered.  But beware. Beauty need not be in the category of the “pretty”, the “familiar” or the “comprehensible”. The images you see here are visual puzzles. They are antithetical, visually antagonistic and incapable of sharing the same wall space. They stare at each other from their separate spaces as mortal rivals eyeing each other across an unbridgeable abyss. Try to decipher them if you must (you know you will); or simply enjoy them for their own sake.

Welcome to MY world.

John Wilson, June 2013

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Class Gallery 2013

We never know what's going to happen at the beginning of each edition of Outside the Rules. All we know is that our students are going to change, and it will show in their work.

Our two classes of 2013 were a delight to have in the room, filling our fall, winter and spring with energy, heated debate and uncompromising work. Chapeaux!!

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