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These fiber-based silver gelatin photographs and many others are available for purchase in very small editions.

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embedded landscapes

- Wendy Kwan -

Manufactured, built, erected.
Flattened, scraped, plowed.
Cut, covered, planted.
Filled, sculpted, adorned.

Our marks redefine unsuspecting lands.

Some marks last, others fluctuate with season, tradition, ritual.
Often our marks fade away,
Neglected, abandoned, no longer relevant.
Transformed to an absurd stage,
begging for performance.
But there are no players for the scenes.

Our marks excite as visual conundrums.
We compare, contrast, joke and tease.
It's easy when you use a rear view mirror.

Our marks tell tales and provoke wild imaginings.
Do not blink.
As the theatre may close, before a glancing moment.