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These fiber-based silver gelatin photographs and many others are available for purchase in very small editions.

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- Wendy Kwan -

You dream streams of consciousness.
Dreams so vivid
You can smell, taste, and feel.
As unrelated objects float freely and effortlessly,
As if belonging together.

When you wake
Eyes wide open
Do you know where you are?
Yesterday, tomorrow, or everyday?

You daydream mindless wanderings
Percepts crackle and fade
Seamlessly transporting you
To someplace that doesn't matter much
And then another such place.
Can you resist?

Meantime, your real world ticks.
How does time feel?
What if there was simultaneous time?
Like a thick layered sandwich of experiences
One on top of another.
Would you thrive or falter,
If you could experience time this way?

And if you reached out for something
You thought was there
But you could not grasp it.
You tried again
But in the disguise of space it remained elusive.

The way is confused.
Like stairs to nowhere,
When you stand on that final step
Things perhaps are not what you thought.

As your heart clicks midnight
Trying to balance on that edge
Do you resist or embrace?
The persistence of illusion.