Cadillac Ranch

Russel Kwan

Sticking out of a wheatfield, just west of Amarillo, Texas near the almighty Interstate Highway, is Cadillac Ranch. This is the only remaining example of early American automobile manufacturing's attempt to actually grow cars. "Think of the labour savings!" was their chief scientist's call to action. Billions were spent on R&D, without the need for federal bailout funds, for the automobile industry could spend money like drunken sailors in those days.

Alas, even with all the resources in the world, they finally realized their efforts were barren. The basic science proved that cars could indeed be grown, but only at 45 degrees to the horizontal. A decades-long attempt to grow cars on the horizontal proved fruitless, and in 1966, the entire research facility was abandoned. These few cars, the last of their kind, still stand at the 45 degrees at which they grew.


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