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Long Beach 04 #1
Wendy Kwan
fiber based silver gelatin
edition of 6

I have always believed that Long Beach 04 #1, #2, and #3 were gifts that were given to me just days after the passing of our beloved 16 year old Shetland Sheepdog Pixel. For many years Pixel had accompanied us on a winter break to Pacific Rim National Park, and the Wickaninnish Inn. This would be the first trip without her presence. At the end of our first full day in the park, while we stood watching a wild and firey sunset, a brilliant star appeared in the sky – the first of the night. I asked Russ, the astronomer between the two of us – if he knew which star it was. He replied it was Venus. Perfect. In my mind it was already the sign that I had asked Pixel to send us.  The planet of the Godess of love was even more perfect – this had to be it!! That day I made 04 #1. #2 and #3 came over the next 2 days. They represent breakthroughs in my photography – a time that was able to really push beyond the literal, and into new realms of visual interpretation. Thank you Pixel. I rushed all three into production in time for our first solo show “Points of Departure” in April 2004.

Image Keywords: Long Beach, Tofino, British Columbia, Canada

Series Keywords: Chasing Light Stranger and Beyond

General Keywords: quiet, calm, peaceful, silent, gentle, placid, secret, serene, tranquil, sublime, evocative, elegant, simplicity, inspire, subtle, haunting, contemplative, exquisite traditional film darkroom black and white photography, print, licensing, license, for sale, order, work on paper, dual toned, selenium, sulphide, sulfide, sepia, archival, Ilford, Kodak