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These fiber-based silver gelatin photographs and many others are available for purchase in very small editions.

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Russel Kwan
March 2012

Like a bloodhound finding the scent, our truck nosed off the freeway and promptly stopped beside its quarry.  This one was unexpected.  We weren’t even looking for it.  And it was scary.  It was haunted.  Right now.  Haunted.

The whole place felt like the ghosts were just out for the day, doing laundry, getting supplies, scaring little kids.  They would be back any second, and would probably be none too pleased to find us here.  It took a little bit of poking around the edges, without actually going inside, just peeking, knocking on doors, calling out, to work up the courage to cross a threshold.

Inside, the ghosts were even more present.  The floorboards were almost rotten to the core, so every step was springy mushy, with the risk of breaking through into the great underneath.  The pictures came in a rush – they always do when there is something afoot.  Although the day was young, time seemed to be in short supply – there was a need to get out, get out!

It was a relief to retreat to the safety of the truck.  Probably only 40 minutes had passed, but it really seemed much, much longer.  

When I got home, I was surprised to discover that I had only made these 12 exposures (with a couple of duplicates).  It felt like I had made hundred and hundreds of pictures. 

all photographs were made on 6x7cm film.