Print Finishing

Russel Kwan

28 February 2007

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Once a print has been processed, toned and dried, it goes into an acid-free box awaiting finishing.  Prints are usually finished “just in time” to go out to our framer, or to a client.

We do not spot our prints, instead relying on a stringent anti-static and anti-dust protocol to preclude the need for spotting.  While it is hard to make a perfect dust-free print, it is really the only way for us, because matching spotting colours to all of our toner colours would be virtually impossible.  In addition, it’s very hard to predict how the spotting dyes will change over time – but it’s certain the dyes will age differently when compared to the underlying silver print.

Each print is examined for any defects that have gone unnoticed, and is carefully cleaned of any dust it may have collected.  It is flattened in our dry-mount press, and then mounted on 4-ply acid-free cotton matt boards.  Currently, we use Bainbridge ArtCare AlphaMat boards exclusively.  We use Seal ColorMount and BienFang BufferMount – essentially the same material – a dismountable, acid-free dry mount tissue.

Finally, the back of the mount receives a photographer’s stamp and is signed using water-soluable pigment acid-free inks.

For 2007, I am going to start very lightly signing the front of the work, in the print margin, in pencil.



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